Lauren's Sigma Dress

Posted by: LLADYBIRD on 3:28 AM
The last tester pattern I want to show y'all is... well... mine! Haha!

I tested the Sigma Dress and I gotta say... this might be my new TNT. Look at how well the fit turned out - with minimal (and I do mean minimal) adjustments:

Sigma Dress

I made a sort of variation mash-up, with the skirt from 2 and the sleeves are the average of both variations. I really wanted to make the long sleeves from 1, but I ended up not having enough fabric so I just made them as long as I could get away with. Kind of a happy medium, if you will.

Sigma Dress

As far as the pattern itself, I'm really surprised at how much I love it's simplicity. Yes, it's a very basic pattern, but there are sooo many options you can play around with to really make it your own. I imagine this would look amazing in a brocade... or a lace (sheer with a slip, or underlined!)... or even with a sweet little detachable collar. The possibilities are endless!

Sigma Dress

I used a simple, lightweight cotton plaid to make my tester dress, and this will not be the last time you see this pattern made up in a plaid. Since there are so few pattern pieces, it's a good "toe-dipping" sort of make.

You can see more photos (as well as more info on the fitting and adjustments I needed) on my personal blog.