Constellation sparkles

Posted by: papercut patterns on 12:57 PM
You might recognise this from my latest collection "Constellation" but I bet you didn't realise how easy it is to add a little glitter like I have here...well if truth be told, I didn't do it at all, my husband did.  
The night before the photoshoot I was frantically doing all the last minute touches, sewing on buttons, hemming etc and he asked if he could help me so I got him adding a little's super easy!  If he can do can too ;)

Start with a blob of washable craft glue (make sure it's suitable for fabric and washable).

We used the end of a paintbrush as it was the size we wanted for our glitter spots.  Dip into the glue.

Dot onto fabric.  You want to do small sections at a time so that the glue doesn't dry.

Sprinkle glitter over your spots of glue. We used glass's much nicer than your average glitter and it will wash ok.

Tip fabric backwards and forwards spreading glitter evenly over spots of glue until you have a nice coverage.

Continue in small sections as above until completed. Easy peasy!