Sophie's Rigel Bomber

Posted by: LLADYBIRD on 4:04 AM
I really really love the Rigel Bomber, so much that it might be my favorite pattern out of this new collection. I was super excited to see tester versions when they started popping up, and ooh, I was not disappointed. Check out Sophie's version here; it's almost good enough to eat!

Being a bit in love with the whole Bomber jacket resurgence, I had to make up the Rigel Bomber from The PaperCut Collective's new collection. I cut into a very prized piece of $1.50 thrifted chambray for the main and went with navy ribbing, since the polka-dots are navy. I've never made nor owed a bomber jacket before, but after seeing them all over Pinterest I was particularly taken with the idea of contrasting the boxy, unfeminine shape of a Bomber jacket with a cutesy, girly fabric. This one was going to be floral but the dots won out.
I plan to wear Rigel with the zip open and sleeves bunched up over dresses, skirts, printed pants and jeans and everything pretty much. There are definitely plans for future bombers since I still can't get a floral one out of my head. The only mod made to this version was taking some width out of the neck ribbing and only for aesthetics. For the next one, I'd like to experiment with going up a size for a slouchier fit and possibly try some french seaming on the seams.
Isn't Sophie's Rigel amazing? I admit, when I first saw the pattern, all I could think about was making it up like a classic letterman jacket - solid, neutral wool, matching ribbing, subtle zipper (and a big L because, duh!). Now that I see her version, though - in that gorgeous polka dot with contrasting ribbing and eeee, I want one! My mind is overflowing with Rigel possibilities.

Thanks so much for sharing your Rigel, Sophie! If you'd like to see more, check out her blog.