Mirza's Ensis Tees

Posted by: LLADYBIRD on 5:03 AM

Mirza is such a sewing rockstar, she actually tested TWO of the patterns for this new collection. You've seen her Bellatrix Blazer, now, check out her Ensis Tees!

My Ensis tees - yup I made two - are made out of pretty different fabrics, and it makes the fit very different, almost like if it were two different patterns. In the brown & pink one, the brown fabric is a pretty stable & very fluid knit, and the pink one is a double knit which is surprisingly stable. Both are a bit on the thick side for a tee. For the stripy one, my fabrics are a lot thinner, the grey fabric is extremely stretchy and soft, and the stripe one is an awful-quality, good looking, really thin knit. All of which is "cotton" according to my Chinese speaking shop.

I totally made up the stripy one after seeing the picture of the collection, and I might have frantically searched my stash for stripes. 

These are going to get a lot of wear. In my attempt to find balance between the extremely hot & humid outside weather of Hong Kong, and the crazy cold aircon in my office, I usually wear jeans, a tee, and a cardigan. So, there is a good chance that I'm wearing one of those tomorrow, and the other one the next day. And then, I'll wash them and start over :)

I will make more, I'm pretty sure of it! It is such a rewarding and quick make. I am thinking about a short sleeve version, one with only one fabric, but the top (or low) part would be printed with an awesome stamp/fabric paint combo, maybe a pj version that would match some ooh la leggins... There are so many possibilities!
I'm so tickled that Mirza made not one, but TWO versions of this Ensis Tee! And I really love how they both look soo different, even though they came from the same pattern. This is a great pattern for using up smaller scraps of fabric that might otherwise go to waste, since the contrast doesn't use much yardage. I love her ideas for future tees, definitely can't wait to see those made up! They sound awesome!

If you'd like to see and read more about Mirza's Ensis tees, click over to her blog! Thanks so much for sharing, Mirza!