Mirza's Bellatrix Blazer

Posted by: LLADYBIRD on 1:00 PM
Another Bellatrix Blazer for us to fawn over today! This one comes aaaall the way from Hong Kong, made by Mirza.

I made the Bellatrix blazer out of a fabric with an awesome plaid pattern. The lady I buy my fabric from is Chinese and knows about 5 words of English, which apparently do not include "stretch". So, all I know is that it was sold to me as being cotton, and when I was ironing it I realized it was stretchy. Yay. I went with it anyways, the print was too great not to use, and since a lot of pieces are interfaced, it worked out fine!

I wanted to make this pattern because I just love wearing a blazer (and I'd been hoping for an indie designer blazer pattern for a while :) ). It can instantly make you look dressed up even if the rest of your outfit is just jeans & a t-shirt. So my heart was already half conquered before I started, and sewing it up did not disappoint me a bit. My husband, who has no interest whatsoever in anything I sew, could not believe I made it, and would not stop staring at it saying "Wow, you made that? That's cool!"

Since I made the short version, the plan is to wear it with high waist skirts or dresses. But since I really like it, I'm sure it'll end up getting worn with pretty much anything. It will add a bit of plaid fun to any outfit :)

And, well, I will be making more versions. Most definitely. I will make a few adjustments to the fit at the bust, but that's just because I have a bit of a boob shortage, and I made this one straight out of the envelope - no adjustment at all. I think I want to make the longer version in a sweatshirt type of fabric. It would be the ultimate comfy yet stylish thing!
Ooh, I just LOVE this version. The plaid such a fabulous choice - something I was considering for myself, so extra thanks to Mirza for proving that it can and will work with this pattern!
Thank you so much for sharing this with us, Mirza! If you want to see more words and photos, visit her blog