Mel's Bellatrix Blazer

Posted by: LLADYBIRD on 4:19 AM
One of my favorite things about new pattern releases is when different versions start trickling into my blog roll. Obviously, I love the photos that Katie took for the collection (Forreal, dat model tho. Such a babe.), but it's also super fun to see how other people put their own personal spin on the same pattern - using a different fabric or styling it in a whole new way.

We have a few testers who agreed to be posted on the blog, so I'll be sharing their makes with y'all over the next few weeks. Literally every single photo I've seen has been amazing, so I hope you're as excited to see them as I am to share them!

First up, we have Mel sharing her Bellatrix Blazer. Spoiler: it's incredible and I gasped when I saw the lining she chose. But enough about me, let's hear what Mel has to say about it!

I had so many ideas for this blazer but I decided to make my first version classic and versatile. For the shell I used a piece from my stash, a linen that's a really dark blue, it looks almost black, and has a pinstripe through it that is actually metal filaments so it has this awesome sparkle in the sunlight. It's a nice twist on classic but I also think it's the perfect fabric for a star themed blazer. 

For the lining I had this crazy idea to find some galaxy fabric. I didn't get my hopes too high on finding any but then the first fabric store I walked into I found some within 5 minutes, I was so excited I skipped to the cutting counter and I didn't care what anyone thought! ;) My pocket bags are a silk remnant because I wanted to use some colour somewhere.

I made variation 2, I wouldn't normally go for such a short style but I loved the angles  and I tend to experiment more with fashion if I sew it myself. It was so easy to make and really fast too! I think that even an advanced beginner could give this blazer a try, they don't even need to be scared of the welt pockets. I think I'm quite a confident sewist but I still need to take a deep breath and psych myself up for welt pockets! But the way they are constructed is so easy, I was finishing them off with a little bit of hand stitching before I'd even realised I'd done them and they looked perfect! It's a great example of Katie's amazing instructions and clever construction details.

I'd love to make variation 1 next with a different fabric for the collar and peplum, or maybe even the front panels. I wonder how it would look in leather? There are so many options!

Isn't it fabulous? I love how it's polished and professional, without being stuffy. Not to mention those gorgeous welt pockets, and again, the LINING! Where does one even find galaxy lining? I need.

If you'd like to see more photos and read more about Mel's blazer, head over to her blog and have a lurk. Thanks for sharing, Mel!

edit ack, I just realized that we haven't had a winner the last few promised prizes! I'm so sorry about that, guys - we were so wrapped up in the release of the new collection that it just fell to the wayside, I guess. Let's fix that now, though!

For the Made By You contest - the winners are  Kat and Katie. Love those Ooh La Leggings and Pleated Pants!

Finally, our winner for the suggestion post is Deana!
A Pin-It button is a great idea! We will definitely look into that.

Thanks so much for all your suggestions, everyone, and submitting your makes. Remember that we also have a Flickr Group if you're not on Instagram... I can't make any promises, but they may or may not be prizes for random submissions there as well ;) Just sayin!