Knit Tips: Inserting A Zipper

Posted by: LLADYBIRD on 1:52 AM
One of the things I mentioned in the Stitch Witchery post was that the stuff is great for stabilizing edges so you can sew a zipper into your knits. Usually, when you try to put a woven zipper into a knit fabric, the end result is very bumpy and wavy - not a good look! However, if you stabilize the edges before you sew in the woven zipper, you will get a much smoother seam.

I've actually sewn up a whole Undercover Hood with a zip-front (which I can't wait to show y'all, eee!), but my progress pictures got messed up so I will be demonstrating this technique on scraps. Sorry dudes.

Start by stabilizing your raw edges where you want the zipper to go. I like to fold back about 2cm/3/4", sandwiching my Stitch Witchery in between the layers. You don't have to use Stitch Witchery to do this - a strip of fusible interfacing, or even a piece of grosgrain ribbon will also work. What we want to accomplish here is to keep the folded edge from stretching.

 Press your folds so they are nice and flat.

Just a little zip tip - make sure you get a zipper that opens at the bottom or else you're gonna have a hard time pulling the thing on and off ;) To shorten a too-long zipper, you need to sew at the top, not the bottom.

Open your zipper entirely and pin along each fold. If you'd prefer a less visible zipper, push the teeth back so they are barely covered by the fold. You can also sew the zipper entirely on top of the fabric, for an exposed look.

Now just sew it down! For my sample, I used my twin needle, but you can also use a zigzag, or even a straight stitch, since this area doesn't stretch much.

Ain't that fancy! ;) Next week, I'll show you my completed hoodie!