Introducing Janina

Posted by: papercut patterns on 4:03 PM

I'd like to introduce you all to Janina. She is the girl behind the artwork for my instruction booklet covers and also all the jewelery worn in my first collection "Imagination is the beginning of creation".

She is one of those really clever all round creatives that is just good at EVERYTHING!

She has a Bachelor of Textile Design (Honors) from Massey University and also a Post Grad Diploma in teaching and is currently an Art and Photography teacher at my former high school.

Now the reason I'm telling you all of this is because I am lucky enough to have teamed up with Janina to bring you a new section on my blog called Textile Lab.

Janina is going to be sharing her creative genius with us all with some really cool tutorials on how to easily transform your textiles at home to give a unique look to your garments.

I'm so excited to release these, we had so much fun doing them! 
The first one will be up on the blog tomorrow.