Stitching Bias Binding

Posted by: papercut patterns on 7:54 AM

This method for sewing on bias binding starts from the inside of the garment, finishing on the right side.
It gives you a neat secure finish and also works really well when working with knit fabrics.

1. Start by pressing one of the short edges back toward the inside of the binding about 5mm. Line this folded edge up with a discreet seamline (in this case it is the underarm seam of a armhole).  Pin binding right around edge that you want to bind from the inside of the garment using the stretch of the bias to fit the curve and cut binding so that it overlaps the folded edge by about 5mm.
Pin end securely in place.

2. Edgestitch in place all the way around.

3. Press the other long edge of the binding back ¼ of the width.

4. Press seam allowance toward binding.

5. Fold binding in half with the edge slightly overlapping stitchline. Pin securely in place.

6. Topstitch down on the very edge of binding on the right side of garment. Press.

7. Your binding should look nice and neat on both sides and be held securely in place.