Posted by: papercut patterns on 4:20 PM

I'm really happy as I've finally found a way to store all (well most) of my fabric.

It used to all be in bins like this one.  It was so chaotic!  I could never find anything, and honestly I had no idea what I even had.  It was easier to just go and buy more rather than sort through the madness.  Not that I really need an excuse to buy fabric...I'm a self confessed fabricoholic.  I used to work for Global Fabrics and I couldn't help but buy at least one piece everyday.  It was crazy, I found myself even buying fabrics I didn't like that much, but were running out, so just had to get it!  Once I got it home, it just got added to the collection.  Lately I've been trying to give some of it away, but I find as soon as I've offered it, suddenly I have anxiety that they'll pick one of my favorite pieces.  I then realise that they are all my favorites... a true addiction!

Anyway, I now have it all sorted out so that I can see all the beautiful pieces I have and get inspired by my fabric again.  Hopefully I'll get some time to make some of it up into garments for myself.

How do you organise your fabric?  Do you hoard it like I do?